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Aromatree Holistic Pedicure

My feet felt like a million dollars after your ‘Deluxe Treatment’ yesterday. My feet (probably like many) get a bit neglected, but after 2 hours of very relaxing soaking, creams, scrubs, massage and pedicure I just wanted to wear pretty sandals and show them off!!
The Himalayan salt lamp is a very unique experience and the Armomatree’s beautiful natural creams left my feet feeling softer than they have in ages. I felt relaxed, nurtured and calm with a fantastic sense of well being even 24hours later. The 2 hour treatment left me feeling almost like I had had a whole body massage.. just from my feet!. In an age where chemicals are all around us it is also nice to know all the treatments are natural as can be. The ‘Relax’ foot cream has also got me hooked, not only is is rich, silky and easily absorbent.. it smells incredible.  I doubt I would use another from now on.
I would highly recommend The Aromatree for treatments, in fact I have even bought my Mum a treatment for her birthday… pure bliss.. and she deserves it!
Thank you Kirsten xxxx Mwah xxxx
Emma-Leone Palmertime ~ Artist (


So my Friday morning was the most relaxing Friday in a long time!
Today I had the most amazing holistic treatment with Kirsten Luff the owner of The Aromatree Company.

So I am quite particular when I choose treatments and the person that is treating me.
I think it’s so important that the person treating you 100% is passionate about what they do, and why they do it.a8-300x219

The main thing that strikes me about Kirsten is how calm, and the positive energy that radiates from her, I graduate to positive people and love that energy around them.

Kirsten’s treatment room is so relaxed, but so calm and welcoming. I immediately felt relaxed and calm. Which is so important to me.

So we began the reflexology treatment, I have had reflexology in the past and I can not say I enjoyed it a great deal, so maybe i was slightly apprehensive.

Kirsten explained why she does this treatment and what I should expect. Immediately I knew my experience would be diffident to the others.

She decided that I needed a relax cream, which may I add Kirsten makes all these amazing creams herself, all natural, organic and essentials oils. When Kirsten asked me what I did for relaxation I actually could not answer her, even though I am a calm person I also realise that I don’t quite know how to relax!

The Relax cream She used today had aromatherapy essential oils of Lemon, Lavender, Ylang Ylang, Roman Chamomile and Vetiver. (“Helps calm, comfort and soothe, restoring balance and harmony within. Helps ease worry, nervous tension, sleep problems and is deeply relaxing and grounding.”)

At the end of the reflexology, She used Reiki and did a chakra balance up the body. This I felt was so powerful on me, I could feel energy almost popping in my stomach from there it went up to my chest, then on my bad left hand shoulder on trapezius where is still very much injured from my car accident, I literally felt the energy pop from this, radiate up through my neck, then Kirsten went back to my feel asked me to take deep breaths and as I exhaled I felt the energy surge really strong down both arms and disappeared.

This was the most amazing part for me, as I felt a totally inner calm and went she finished I couldn’t feel the pain in my neck and back. It felt strange but in a great way not to have that pain.
Kirsten then had a gave me a little ‘Ocean Spa Therapy’ with my feet on a Foot Spa Lamp and I held the hand crystals. These are Himalayan Rock Salt and it helps with cellular regeneration and speeds up the healing mechanism of the body at a cellular level. It has a relaxing decompressing effect as well as ionising the air and I so felt the relaxation from these rocks.

So how do I feel now, well all day I gave felt I am floating on some sort of chill cloud! It’s so difficult for me to relax as I have a hundred and one things to do, but right now my attitude oh I will do it tomorrow!
I feel so calm but not my cool collective outer self, my inner calmness. It’s a wonderful feeling, and I actually feel so blessed to have met Kirsten.

She is a remarkable lady, strong, positive, but most of all has the most amazing healing Spirit.
The fact that she makes her own products and so much love goes into them is wonderful.

Holistic therapies can be not understood and that’s why I love her Therapies as I really understand her beliefs, the body is a remarkable thing and to understand it like Kirsten does, makes me very privileged to have met her, and I can’t wait for my next treatment.

Take a look at her Facebook page, and does not do big advertising as its about individuals but I can not thank her enough today, for making me feel so wonderful.

Angie Horan-Sibley ~ Personal Trainer (Angie Horan-Sibley)



Taken an hour to re centre your soul….

So today I had my appointment for my weekly holistic treatment with Kirsten Luff owner of The Aromatree Company..

I have come to realise this last month, that these treatments are so important for my well being. Taken a couple of hours of my work schedule is pretty unheard of for me! I suppose when you love your job like I do Work is never a chore or stress. The last few weeks I have been having reflexology which I have loved every second.

Today I was so eager to get there as always. And Kirsten decided she would do a No Hands Massage!
WOW describes how I felt durning, after and I hope this feeling lasts.
Ok so as a trained Swedish and sports masseurs it’s not always easy for me to have massages as I am constantly thinking of the areas that need doing! Basically I am probably a pain in the arse to massage!

Kirsten as always explains and has the most calmest nature, and therefore almost sends me to sleep immediately. So she asked me how I wanted to feel afterwards.massage
So I wanted

I can hear a few of you giggling, bouncy as I know I am pretty much Bouncy!
But I am also aware I am always doing a million and one things together and exhaust those around me with my endless amounts of energy! But I know that I do not take time out to just feel calm within. Luckily Kirsten gets me and also says I give out so much of my energy it’s important for myself to protect my inner energy.

Kirsten also said don’t have any pre conceived ideas of what’s going to happen. Now anyone said this to me I would of nodded my head and ignored them. But I trust Kirsten so much, and I am a very trusted person in general but also find it hard to trust others with my body. But with Kirsten I trust her so much.

Well I would describe in detail of what happened for the duration of the treatment, but I am unable too. Because for once I was out of it! Kirsten is very modest but she is magical I can’t describe how it felt, to leave go, I remember her asking me how I wanted to feel after the treatment, to remember those things, she uses her body weight over large areas so it’s got pressure but not pain. It was heaven, she disturbed me telling me to turn over and then off I went again into second heaven!

All I can say I have NEVER felt like that, I am slightly concerned I may need an adrenalin injection for tonight’s classes! But I feel so warm, cozy and calm inside and my body feels refreshed and relaxed but energised at the same time!

 Angie Horan-Sibley ~ Personal Trainer (Angie Horan-Sibley)

About Kirsten

Kirsten is a very attentive, thoughtful and skilled therapist. Attentive because she listens, which, when you are spending money on a treatment is great; you want your therapist to understand what took you there.

Thoughtful, well, anyone that has spent any time with Kirsten will know and validate my word. She really gets to know her clients, not in an overwhelming or interrogating kind of way, but more through her attentive listening, acknowledgment and confirmation as you chat over time.

The Skilled bit covers the fact she’s clever enough to know what you need through all of the above! She’s one clever bean and although I can be emotionally sensitive I know I can relax as I’m in very good hands. My job is to simply close my eyes and allow her to work her magic and I feel perfectly safe doing so. Sometimes, for whatever reason I don’t fully relax when I take a treatments and it can really ruin the whole experience.

The treatment room is always ready for you, the smell of beautiful oils and the warm glow of salt lamps – it really is like stepping out of reality and into a small corner of heaven when I visit. I never feel rushed or pushed; Kirsten has this marvellous way of making you feel welcome it means I immediately feel the need to relax and sloooooow dooown!

No hands massage

I’m a very busy working professional who usually spends the majority of her time sat in a glass, shell-like office. My work is very stressful and demanding, so when Kirsten gave me the opportunity to try her ‘no hands massage’, I obviously jumped at it.

Kirsten focussed on how I wanted to feel when I left, rather than how I felt when I turned up. She tailored the treatment specifically towards my needs at that time.

I wasn’t sure what to expect from the massage but I was surprised. The music for this massage was a little more up-beat – I could almost imagine Kirsten conducting the piece over me! The depth of touch varied, which was great. I enjoy a deep and firm massage and Kirsten applied different pressures to each section of my back so I wasn’t aware at any moment of what to expect. It was applied with a rhythmic flow which allowed me to sink into the bed against the warm blankets and simply let go. ..

To summarise the massage was wonderful, it can’t be described as aromatherapy or Swedish, for me it was like a combination of the two but ‘smarter’. My back felt great and my aches and pains had disappeared.

Aromatouch Treatment   rsz_aromatouch-image

As always the bed was set up and Kirsten was ready for me, although I had no idea what to expect! It had been a tough week at work and a busy weekend so I was looking forward to my ‘Mother’s Day treat’.   The brief was to lie face down and relax; Kirsten said she would be focussing on my back and feet.

The oils were slowly and deliberately dripped onto my back which was really refreshing and the massage that followed was the kind of massage you receive from someone who really knows what they’re doing. Strong, rhythmic hand flows and focussed concentration in the key areas.

Now I’m not sure what did it as this was a first for me, but I fell asleep! I have never, ever fallen asleep during a massage before BUT I was waking myself up with my own snoring! The smell of the oils combined with an amazing massage had a super effect. I was left pretty much aromatherapy –oil drunk afterwards. I really should have taken my bed too!

Kirsten had used a combination of about eight oils during the treatment, not only did I feel sensational but I smelt it too!

I can honestly say this was the best massage I have ever had and I don’t say that easily. I’m lucky to have visited some pretty high class retreats and therapists in my time but THAT massage was an absolute knockout!

To Summarise

Kirsten is a pro, she knows what she’s doing and she does it blooming well. Kirsten invests time in her clients and personal education. I have no need to find another therapist and I hope she keeps doing what she does so brilliantly.


Julia Keen ~ Marketing Manager, Dorking, Surrey

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