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The Aromatree Company was founded and created in 2010 by Kirsten Luff, who has been a qualified Holistic Therapist for 17 years, having studied Aromatherapy, Massage, Kinesiology, Reiki and Reflexology amongst a multitude of postgraduate training!

Whilst working in her practise and making bespoke personal care products for her clients, she began to  evaluate their own various personal care products, testing them using Kinesiology muscle testing. This showed how the majority of these products tested weak (detrimental) to the persons wellbeing rather than enhancing their health. Kirsten began testing clients with various raw, natural ingredients and found that just because something is “natural” does not mean it is necessarily “safe” or “beneficial” to the body! She then focussed most of her testing on a few different preservatives and found the results quite surprising, given the controversy in the media around preservatives! A mix of parabens (which excluded the controversial butylparaben) were tested and not one person tested weak! Another two preservatives tested ok but the most natural preservative (available at the time) Sodium Benzoate, did not test well with anyone at all!

Through more training and her findings in mind, a range of Aromatherapy, therapeutic foot creams were developed under the name “Feet Treets”. Kirsten decided to develop a range  of  natural foot care creams which worked therapeutically and systemically with the body and used the power of 100% pure essential oils so she could utilise these within her Reflexology treatments and so adding another dimension her treatments.

The range is now loved by many Reflexologists and other professional therapists and feedback from her peers has been extremely positive and encouraging.

In 2011 the “Feet Treets” range became endorsed by  Janey Lee Grace, the “natural alternative to everything” guru, author, singer and radio/tv personality. It then won the Platinum Award for Best Footcare Product in 2011 and 2012! We were thrilled!

In 2012 Kirsten decided to rebrand the range which has now become “The Aromatree Company” – new logo, new labels, new leaflets, new look! We feel this will create more expansion and creativity within the company. We love the new name and hope you do to!

Love and light

The Aromatree Company Team

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