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Fragonia: Destroyed by Fires!

Argonis Fragrans

Fragonia or Agonis fragrans is a shrub native to Western Australia which grows to a height of about 8ft. The essential oil is steam distilled from its branches/twigs/leaves.

This oil is a powerhouse and has been likened to Tea Tree, yet has a softer, sweeter smell.  It is gentle enough for children yet powerful enough to have significant anti-microbial activity and an unusual near perfect 1:1:1 ratio of oxides/monoterpines/monoterpenol, creating a very well balanced and unique oil. Used to treat respiratory infections, inflammation, joint and muscle pain and to stimulate and enhance the immune system, it has many applications. We felt that Fragonia was such a powerful, amazing oil that we added it to our Immune Boost cream. ImmuneRelease

Apart from the wonderful physical effects Fragonia has on the body, it is also renowned for its incredible ability to affect the psyche. It has a relaxing, calming effect on the mind and can help to find release from long standing emotional blockages.

For these reasons, we have used Fragonia in our very special Release cream. A cream which can help aid the release of the past and help people to move on in life. It has a perfect synergy with Kunzea essential oil within this blend too. It can help bring peace and harmony within.


Fragonia is the only essential oil on the market that has been trademarked and has one company, growing and distilling Fragonia for the global market. What devastating news to hear that in December 2015 the great fires in Perth, Australia, destroyed all of their plantings and there was no crop for 2016 as all the trees were burnt down. There was significant plantation damage but a rejuvenation program is underway. Regrowth and regeneration is slow however and there may not be a fresh batch to harvest this year.

What does this mean for The Aromatree Company?

We are currently now out of stock of our 120ml jars of Release with only a few 30mls left. We have limited stock for a while, of the Immune Boost.

In the meantime we will be looking at alternatives but once our remaining stock of essential oil is used we will no longer be able to sell our Release and Immune Boost as they stand unfortunately. The first harvest of Fragonia looks likely to be end of 2018/2019. We will keep you updated when it looks likely to be in production again.

This story highlights the fragility of our industry and our relationship with the earth.

Sending all our love and thoughts to those affected personally and professionally by such fires and of course to mother earth.

Love and light

Kirsten xxx

and The Aromatree Company team

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