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Unplug, Retreat & Recharge

Annual Leave


Sometimes it’s good to take a break, a holiday or some time out. But how often do we totally relax and unplug from the world?
We live in such a fast paced technological society these days that it sometimes seems impossible to do this!
In fact planning holidays can even be a stress in itself. (Who else hates packing? lol!!!)
Let’s face it, it’s not easy to slow down and switch off completely.
Well, I’m being put to the test, from 23rd August ~ 1st September we will be in Italy for 10 days. The beautiful charming, unspoilt region of Puglio, living in a Trullo, perched on the dry stone walled terraces amongst the olive and almond trees, close to stunning historic towns like Ostuni.Trullo on the hill
With very limited wifi available, it’s an ideal opportunity to pull the plug on technology and communication of any kind and find some peace, stillness and tranquility.
And breathe…….
Trullo on the hillSo, what this means is that any orders will not be able to be posted out during this period unfortunately, and I will not be able to answer the phone or receive emails. My phone will be off and the lap top firmly closed!! Yikes!

If you think you will be needing anything soon, please get in touch before the end of Friday 19th, this week and we will get it out to you quickly before we are off.
Sorry for any inconvenience this may cause.

 Love & Light

Kirsten and

The Aromatree Company Team


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