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T-T-T-T-Tough Mudder Challenge 2016 Accomplished!

Aromatree Tough Mudder Challenge 2016

We are delighted to say that our Aromatree Challenge for 2016 was successful!

We enjoyed the challenge of training and preparing for  this years very physical challenge and we are so pleased to have done the Tough Mudder experience, and ticked it off our ‘list of things to do in life’. However, we will not be repeating it! Lol!

Although our training stood us in good stead to some degree, nothing could have prepared us for the cold! Although not a particularly cold day, the ‘Arctic Enema’ obstacle where we plunged into deep freezing cold water with ice cubes was fairly near the beginning of the course and from then on we remained cold. There were many cold muddy water obstacles too so by the end of the 11.2 miles our teeth were chattering and we were suffering with hypothermia!! The ‘Electroshock Therapy’ obstacle right at the end finished us off too! Thinking it would be like an electric shock you can get from a car or the like, it took us by surprise when the dangling wires zapped us, coursing electricity through our bodies painfully and sometimes throwing us to the floor.

Hypothermia can have such a debilitating effect on the body as the muscles shut down causing gripping anything with strength impossible and even thinking straight can be difficult.

Having warmed up and recovered mentally, which took a good few days to be honest, we are pleased to have the experience behind us and to have raised some money for a very worthy charity ~ Jac Rush.

We would like to thank everyone for all their wonderful support this last year.

If you would still like to donate to Jac’s GoFundMe page, please do. Jacs family and ourselves would be really appreciative.

We now have our thinking caps on for our next challenge for 2017, mmm………

Love and light,

Kirsten &

The Aromatree Company Team.




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