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Update on Jac’s Progress

Apart from the personal challenge that our annual Aromatree Challenges bring, there is the important element of raising money and/or awareness for various charities.
This year in 2016 we are helping to raise money for an 18 year old boy, Jac Rush from Hanworth, Middlesex, who up until the end of 2014, was heading for a career in professional football. Sadly, after playing a game of football, he suffered a massive stroke and required lifesaving brain surgery; removing half his skull to enable the brain to swell safely.

Jac’s story is very much something that personally spurs me on to train harder. We all have choices in how we proceed through life and sometimes we need to push ourselves hard to break boundaries and achieve our goals. Nothing much worthwhile has been gained by staying static and remaining in our comfort zones. Jac has had many choices taken away from him but still pushes forward.
We must never give up! There is always a way ~ even if it is a different route to what we initially thought. We can overcome much with a positive outlook on life and living.
Stay Strong ~ Mentally & Physically

Jac has made steady progress and this is a recent update from Jacqui and Allison on how he is doing:-

Jac’s gym has now been equipped with a running machine and a weights machine. He has been meeting with a Personal Trainer, who is helping him to strengthen his muscles. In addition to this, he is also having weekly hydrotherapy sessions all of which are helping to stimulate movement in his lower right leg & foot. As a result, Jac’s pace has picked up and he is able to move around a bit faster, which is fantastic news after just a couple of months!Jac update 2

Sadly, Jac has now been told that the loss of movement in his right hand is likely to be permanent, but as you know from Jac’s journey thus far…….he is a fighter and this news has given him the strength and determination to try and prove the doctors wrong…way to go Jac!!!

Jac has still been experiencing seizures, whilst these are lessening as time goes on, he has recently undergone more tests to explore their causes.

There has been minimal change in Jacs ability to speak, but he is now a whizz with adding and subtracting numbers!

A Speech Therapist specialising in patients like Jac has finally been sourced and will begin working with him imminently.

Thanks again for your continued interest in Jac’s progress, this gives Jac more determination, knowing that so many of you are sending good wishes for his journey to recovery.

Jacqui & Allison xx

Jac has a donation page here and we would really appreciate your help in donating something, however small, to help fund his recovery. Or if you prefer to give cash please contact me.
We will be doing all we can to defeat Tough Mudder in appreciation.

Thank you,

Love and light

Kirsten xxx

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