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Happy Feet ~ Happy Mind, Body & Spirit Workshop

Happy Feet Workshop

Happy Feet Workshop

The Aromatree Company are delighted to announce that we will be teaming up with Tanya Main of The Yoga-Lounge and running our Happy Feet ~ Happy Mind, Body & Spirit Workshop, Sunday 8th November, at her new yoga studio, which will be the first of various events held at this beautiful venue.

We would love you to join us in this interactive workshop where you will learn how to look after your whole being, in a very practical way.

*Use our Aromatherapy, therapeutic foot soaks, a scrub and therapeutic foot creams to nourish your soul ~ or should that be ‘sole’!!
*Learn a self-pedicure process to easily be able to care for your feet at home. No need for regular expensive salon pedicures!
*Learn to work holistically with the feet by massaging various points or reflexes to create health and wellness.
*Learn easy practical self-healing techniques to stimulate the subtle energies for physical and emotional healing.
*Revitalise your energy and clarify your mind using meditation and other techniques.
*Experience the healing benefits of Ocean Spa Therapy with our Crystal Foot Spa Lamps and hand held crystals, combined with our aromatherapy creams.

Your feet will feel pampered, soft, vibrant and zingy!
You will leave feeling balanced and grounded with simple tools to create health and wellbeing in your daily life.

Take advantage of this opportunity to purchase the Aromatree Company products, Ocean Spa Therapy Foot Spa Lamps and products ~ all suitable for Christmas presents and stocking fillers.

Exchange: £40

Included in this exchange is your own choice of foot cream (30ml) worth £4.95, a foot file and refreshments.

Please wear comfortable clothing and remember to bring some socks!

Venue: The Yoga-Lounge, Willowmere, Green Road, Thorpe Green, Egham TW20 8QN

The Yoga-Lounge

To book please email Kirsten at  or call 07584 036 272
Places are limited and will only be confirmed with payment.

We look forward to sharing this with you :o)

Tanya Main

Me in tree 6b_DSC7503 copy

Love & Light

Kirsten & Tanya


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