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Ocean Spa Therapy at our Festive Open Day and Evening | The Healing Power of the Sea in YOUR Hands & Feet.

Rock Salt Foot Spa Lamps

Rock Salt Foot Spa Lamps

We are excited to have on board Dathan from SolRox at our open day/evening on Thursday 20th Nov and Saturday 13th Dec. He will be sharing his wealth of knowledge about the rock salt foot spa lamps which people have been having amazing results with. Used to help all kinds of health issues and support the body they also emit a beautiful glow and enhance and ionise the environment. I have a few at home as well as in the clinic and I love the ambience they create!
A new therapy from years of development and feedback has been born from this and you can come along and have a relaxing few minutes of experiencing it for yourself. Apply some of our creams to the top of the lamps and take advantage of these too! Why not give it a go?

Dathan has all the scientific background to how and why these special lamps can create health and well being.

Come and see us this Thursday 20th 5-9:30pm or Saturday 13th December 10-4pm at our Spiritual-Spa clinic in Shepperton, Surrey. Sample our creams, buy Frankincense Resin, get stocking fillers, shop for ‘shabby-chic’ clothes, find out about our treatments and vouchers or have a quick free Angel Card reading with Nicky.

We look forward to greeting you with a glass of mulled wine!

Love and light

Kirsten & Nicky xxx
Dathan explains ~

Ocean Spa Therapy has been in development for over ten years with Therapists such as Chiropractors & Reflexologists, based on observations and theories about how the Ocean Heals a wide range of simple and complex health issues, naturally and safely.

We now understand from the fossil record that all complex life forms on our Planet were ‘born’ in the Ocean, plants were first and started producing Oxygen in a process known as Photo-Synthesis, then Oxygen breathing life forms evolved, simple animals such as Sponges, Corals and then more elaborate animals, Jellyfish, Shellfish and ultimately Vertebrate Fish, all living and thriving in the plasma Ocean.

Some 750 million years ago, life emerged from the Sea onto the shoreline, plants, having produced Oxygen were first, using the same energy from the Sun and releasing Oxygen as a by product, this in turn created our atmosphere, simple invertebrate animals followed, we now know these as insects, they had nutrition from plants and evolved more complex lungs, lastly vertebrate fish, we see equivalents to this day, mud skipper fish that also developed more complex lungs.

Gradually, life evolved on land, plants moved across the Planet, inhabiting any and all terrains that were habitable, insects followed and fish evolved into Amphibians then Reptiles, Birds & Mammals, we see all this immense range of animal life today, all created in the Ocean and all connected by it.

We don’t live in the Sea anymore but all our complex molecular functions were evolved in that elemental aquatic environment, our bones made from Calcium, our blood from Iron, all the elements we observe in the Universe are present in us, Physicists understand that these elements were all produced from Suns exploding into a cloud of nebula dust and reassembling into new Suns, Planets, Moons, Comets & Asteroids.

When we reconnect with the Ocean, our physical biological structure obtains raw materials; Iron, Calcium, Potassium and all the elements needed to repair and engineer proteins, collagen, connective tissue, all at a molecular level and observed on a biological level, an added bonus is it acts as a Biocide, destroying harmful pathogens; bacteria, viruses & mould.

Ocean Spa Therapy provides a safe natural method of replacing depleted minerals and speeding up our healing mechanisms without the need to swim in the Sea.

Dathan Berry

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