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Spiritual Spa: An Evolving Journey

Spiritual Spa

Spiritual Spa

Working at our new clinic ~ Spiritual Spa, in Surrey, over the last month, we have been thrilled and excited at the developments within our new ‘Angelic Reflexions’ sessions. As with all new ways of working, it is an ever evolving process and has continued to develop and grow as we work.

We have found that it is very much an organic process that is bespoke for each individual we work with. The treatment takes you on a journey and in working through the feet, with healing, with guided introspection and support, you are easily able to access your higher self to create positive change, direction and clarity in various areas of your life. All treatments are different to suit you and your present circumstances.

This fusion of body and mind work creates a very grounding and practical, yet transformative process for you in a very nurturing space. A time for finding your true authentic self and getting in touch with who you really are.

At Spiritual Spa we create a nurturing and safe space for you to allow the stress to fall away and for you to find peace within.

With all of this in mind we feel the need to change its name from ‘Angelic Reflexions’ to ‘Soul Reflexions‘ ~ reflecting the depth of this unique treatment.


As a Soul Reflexions session is so unique and not very simple to explain, being different for each individual, Nicky and I are excited to announce a wonderful opportunity for you to experience a taster treatment of a Soul Reflexions session on Saturday 8th November. We are offering 30 minute taster sessions to help give you an idea of what it is that we do, for only £45 – you will experience reflexology and have the opportunity to commune with your inner knowing, helping you get clear on what it is that needs clearing in order for you to shine your light fully on the world.

We will also be offering a £10 off voucher for your next full session. This is not something that you want to miss!
We look forward to inviting you to Spiritual Spa and our beautiful clinic in Shepperton, Surrey.
Please do fb message us, email ( or call Kirsten on 07584036272 or Nicky on 07754735948 if you would like to book an appointment.

Where the mind finds clarity and the body finds balance.

What clients have said:

“Before having the treatment I did not feel myself. I felt sad, lonely and lost. Not really connecting with myself. After the treatment I felt lighter, happier, together again and grounded. Nicky and Kirsten are kind, gentle, peaceful calming souls that work amazing together. I recommend having the angelic reflection treatment to anyone. You will feel amazing afterwards.” ~ Louise Lo Nigro

An amazing experience and enlightening too and the Cuckoo Clinic is such a gorgeous, calming space. ~ Katy Stockley

It really is a very powerful combination, all your needs are being met on every level, physically, emotionally, spiritually and mentally.” ~ Paddy Baillie

Love and light

Kirsten and Nicky xxx

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