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Exciting News : New Clinic and New Treatment

Angelic Reflexions

Angelic Reflexions

I am so excited to announce a wonderful collaboration with the amazing Angel Therapist and Journey Practitioner, Nicky Williams of Page2of1.

Together we have created “Spiritual-Spa” and will be working from our clinic in Shepperton, Surrey.  A peaceful purpose-built clinic with three treatment rooms, kitchen, bathroom and large reception room, where we invite you to come and enjoy a treatment or one of the other offerings we have in store for you.

The Clinic

The Clinic

Nicky and I have developed a very unique and powerful treatment called:

:: Angelic Reflexions ::

This is a unique blend of Reflexology, visualisation and connecting to your higher self through a full Angel Reading.

This combination works extremely well together and flows in a way that supports you at a deep level and meets you where you are at, in your life’s journey.

Your experience will be nurturing, revitalising, clearing and inspiring, helping to release and cleanse the past. The reflexology will help you relax, release and open up to receiving guidance at a deeper level from what is revealed in the reading. The process is extremely grounding, unlike how some treatments can often leave you feeling and brings you back into your body, integrating changes in the psyche through the chakras and the feet.

These sessions are very powerful, as the unique fusion of the various aspects of the treatment, creates an enhanced effect greater than having the individual treatments independently.

The Reflexology works more intuitively and energetically, rather than addressing specific physical ailments directly, whilst Reiki and healing energy is also channelled. The Aromatree Company Release Foot Cream is used which is supportive in releasing the past and moving on in life. During the Angel reading, Nicky is guided to work with visualisations and other techniques whenever necessary for your highest good. There is a real sense of connection between the three of us that creates a wonderful healing energy. We will then balance the chakras whilst guiding you through this process and completing the session.

What people have said after an Angelic Reflexions session:


“A wonderful fusion of deep healing and Angelic guidance – this treatment was suburb.  Kirsten and Nicky work so well together to give you a truly uniquely combined experience of both relaxing Reflexology and an in-depth Angel Reading which leaves you both chilled and enlightened – simply heavenly, ladies, thank you! ” ~ Alison Fuller, Surrey


“Thanks Kirsten for a wonderfully grounding and relaxing reflexology treatment coupled with Nicky’s guided visualisations and an enlightening empowering angel card reading – I felt so supported and nurtured throughout the session and left feeling more vibrant and much lighter!” ~ Marion Rigg, Surrey

If you would like to take the opportunity to experience this amazing treatment session from two practitioners with almost 40 years experience and wish to connect to your higher self for your own personal growth and wellbeing, you can book an appointment with us on our launch day on 27th September @ The Clinic for a special price of £85. Due to popular demand we have now also added the 4th October. Alternatively contact us for other available dates.

Call Kirsten ~ 07584036272 or  Nicky ~ 07754735948

We will also be offering the following treatments at The Clinic:

Reflexology: 1hr (1 1/4hrs for initial treatment) £55 with Kirsten 

Aromatouch Technique: 1hr £55 with Kirsten 

Reiki: 1hr £55 with Kirsten

Angel Card Readings: 1hr £45 at the Clinic (also available on Skype – £35) with Nicky 

The Journey Process: Approx. 2hrs Face to face at the Clinic £170 or via Skype or phone £135 with Nicky 

Crystal & Spiritual Healing:  1hr £55 with Nicky 

::NEW:: Angelic Reflexions: 1hr £105, 90mins £125 with Kirsten & Nicky (as above)

Designer Spiritual Spa Days: (for one or two people) £325 for one person, £299 each for two people with Kirsten & Nicky (times can be arranged -(approx 6 hours) includes meditation/vow and belief investigation/ light lunch and refreshments/full designer journey process/one and half hour Aromatouch treatment.)

Meditation evenings – these take place on every first and last Tuesday of the month and cost £10 per head.

We look forward to welcoming you to our new clinic!

Love and light

Kirsten & Nicky xxx


2 Responses to “Exciting News : New Clinic and New Treatment”

  1. Jerry Hardy

    The treatment I recently experienced was amazing. Kirsten gave me reflexology and reiki while Nicky gave me an Angel reading. The whole experience was an incredible release for my emotions and I off-loaded negative thoughts from the past. I left feeling wonderfully up-lifted. Thank you Kirsten and Nicky.

    • The Aromatree Company

      It was such a pleasure Jerry! We are so pleased that you found it such a positive experience – and we loved working with you 🙂 Thank you, love Kirsten & Nicky xxx


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