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My Personal Journey With Essential Oils: Put to the Test After an Operation!

Ok Let’s Do This!

Well after a weekend of abseilling 300ft down the Spinnaker Tower, my next challenge a few days later was to go in to hospital and  have a couple of operations! (Laparoscopy, Hysteroscopy + Uterine Polypectomy & cauterisation of Lesion of Cervix Uteri to be precise!!)

Apart from a Tonsillectomy and Wisdom Tooth Extraction in my youth, I have been lucky enough to avoid the surgeons knife since then. Having taken the natural health path in my chosen career for the last 20yrs nearly, I feel my lifestyle and choices have certainly had a positive bearing on my general health. Now faced with entering the operating room, I decided to put my essential oils to the test! I may occasionally be accused of being stubborn (well, I prefer the term ‘very determined’!!!) but I am well aware and accept that there is a time and a place for conventional medicine and we are very blessed to have the national health service and orthodox medicine to support us when we are in need of it. We are also biochemically individual people and what may work for one person may not work for another – no one glove fits all! I felt I would need to go with the flow! So I took this route, not to be a martyr but to explore how I could use the oils to good effect, as much as possible – to be my own guinea pig!

In the run up to the operation day I made sure that I supported my immune system by continuing to take the Life Long Vitality Supplements from doTERRA – the best supplements, that I have felt a real difference with, throughout my years of being a Kinesiologist. I also took the NovoPrime which is an essential oil cellular complex supplement. I have also been taking Triease, an essential oil mix for seasonal allergies too (which has helped me immensely with hayfever). I also applied Melaleuca (Tea Tree) and OnGuard – a protective blend of essential oils, neat, topically to the soles of my feet, morning and night. Other essential oils were used as needed during the day (well I am an essential oil junkie!). I also massaged the Immune Boost Foot Cream into my feet twice daily.

On the day of the operation, whilst waiting amongst the nervous gowned patients in the waiting room on the Day Surgery Ward, I was given three tablets to swallow for pain relief, one bright blue, one bright pink and one white – I wasn’t going to object at this point! The General Anaesthetic (GA) was not pleasant to be honest and it took a while for me to come round after the op and not feel disorientated, be able to string a sentence together, move and stop shuddering from shock! Back on the ward, I slept, a lot. My oldest friend and my 15yr old son came to pick me up when I was not really in a state to get up, let alone leave! Maybe others would have been ready at this point as I think my time slot was obviously up!! At some point I must have been in a lot of pain as I took a couple of Co-Dydramol pain killers prescribed to me – to the surprise of my son and friend! Obviously still delirious and not much memory of this! I must say it did knock me for six and as I sat in front of the surgeon who wanted to speak to me before I left after I was discharged, I had what felt like a ‘Hypo’ – possibly from not having eaten for 19hrs, and had to be admitted to the ward again after nearly passing out. After explaining that I thought I just needed to eat something, I was offered a rather plastic looking white bread chicken sandwich – just what a gluten intolerant girl needs after surgery! But hey, I just needed to eat (after I prized it off of my teeth like glue 😉 ).

Apart from inhalation of some Balance (grounding) essential oil mix whilst sitting waiting to leave hospital, my oils stayed firmly in my bag locked away, after all, they like to get you out of hospital as soon as possible. Once safely home some 12hrs later, I began to make good use of my essential oil medicine cabinet. Now the fun could begin! 🙂

For pain relief I added two drops of Frankincense, Marjoram and Lemon Grass to an empty capsule and took this internally, every few hours or when the pain became worse. I applied OnGuard and Melaleuca directly to the soles of my feet and whilst I had waterproof dressings over my two wounds on my abdomen, I applied neat Helichrysum and Frankincense around the area, including on the bizarre blue/black bruise

Essential Oils

Essential Oils

there (obviously from one of the nurses stilettos!!). These oils are great for healing, inflammation and bruising. I also occasionally used the Deep Blue Rub to help with the pain. I continued to massage the Immune Boost Foot Cream into my feet also.

I was not quite prepared for the intensity of the pain of the trapped air which remained in my body after they pumped it with gas to enable them to get better access and make room for the camera etc. I was told this pain would migrate to the shoulders or between the scapula, and it did, as well as on top of the shoulder and across the clavicles. It took my breath away! For this pain I used either Deep Blue Rub or Digestzen – both with great effect and were so soothing. Luckily this pain was transitory/intermittent.

The day after the surgery was the most painful and whilst I did my best, I tried to sleep as much as I could and as I was still feeling rather spaced out, I was not able to take the capsules as frequently as I would have liked. If you have a partner who you’ve given instructions to – perfect, but whilst I had to take them when I felt up to making them up, this was probably not quite enough on this day. Whilst I coped most of the day, I could then see my son worrying about me being in pain at times so decided to take a couple of Co-Dydramol in the afternoon. Luckily this was the last of any medication I had to take I’m really pleased to say.

After showering and removing the dressings, I was able to apply Melaleuca firstly and then Helichrysum and Frankincense directly to my wounds. I would always apply Melaleuca first to make sure any wound or cut is completely clean before applying the Helichrysum as it is a bit like applying ‘liquid stitches’, and you don’t want fast healing on a cut or wound that isn’t truly clean! I continued to apply these at least twice a day for the next few days although not the Melaleuca. I also continued to apply them to the surrounding area as well to help with the inflammation, bruising and any pain. After the second change of dressings and applying the oils, I put a few drops of Frankincense and Lavender on the pad of the dressing before applying it again. I continued to apply Melaleuca and OnGuard to the soles of my feet before massaging the Immune Boost or the Relax Foot Cream in.

I have decided to take the capsule of oils, probably twice a day now and include Oregano, natures most potent antibiotic. With this addition I will continue to take it for about a week to 10 days, tweaking the other oils as needed. During these few days I had some healing and also an Aromatouch Technique treatment from friends. I now have hardly any pain and my wounds are healing fast. I have even been able to use my abs again the last couple of days!!! Yay! I so want to get back to working out! I also saw my first two clients today. Slowly does it but considering the doctors said most people take 2 – 3 weeks off work, I don’t think I’m doing too bad 6 days on!

So, at the end of day six after the operation, how do I feel about using essential oils pre/post surgery?

Well, to be honest, they have been invaluable. I certainly would have needed to be taking other pharmaceutical medication for the pain if I did not have them. It felt empowering to be able to adjust my ‘medication’ as needed and feel as though I was enhancing my health and strengthening my body. I don’t think any infections would have dared to get a look in either!!!

Could I have done any better? Why yes, I now know that when you have just had surgery and are feeling wobbly and out of sorts, that making up capsules and deciding on oils is not an easy task! It’s difficult to think straight sometimes. Having someone on board with you on this journey is certainly favourable in the early stages and can help keep you on track and keep the consistency up at the most crucial times, with just a little direction. Saying that, my 15yr old son who was with me the first few days and the numerous friends who have supported me have been fantastic. They are the family you choose and I love them all. Thank you 🙂

I hope by writing this that it may give someone the courage to try using these powerful essential oils to support their health and vitality. Yes, it’s trial and error but what an exciting journey we can make it!

Wishing you all health and happiness,

Love and light

Kirsten xxx

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17 Responses to “My Personal Journey With Essential Oils: Put to the Test After an Operation!”

  1. Callie Carling (@CallieCarling)

    Oh Kirsten – well done YOU, sweetie! I must admit, I’m a bit of a Tramadol diva after operations but so happy that the Liquid Morphine helped you ((( hugs )))

    Wishing you a continued safe, speedy recovery xxx

  2. Andrea F.

    Thank you for this info! It has been very helpful to hear from someone what oils worked for them post lap surgery. 🙂

  3. Melissa @Essential Oils

    I used marjoram while going through labor pain and it somehow decreased the intensity, (or so I thought). Post pregnancy I used to rub lavender and cedar on my feet to get the swollen feet cured.

  4. Dena

    Thank you for sharing your story. I am going to be having a surgery in the next couple of weeks and have been searching to find which oils I should use to help with pain after surgery. So glad all went well and the essential oils helped! Stay happy and healthy.

    • The Aromatree Company

      Hi Dena, it’s good to have a balance of natural remedies and conventional medicine when really needed. I like feeling empowered to help myself in those situations and it was interesting to see how I’d cope in a surgery situation. However essential oils, although natural, still need to be treated with the utmost respect. I am an “all or nothing” kinda girl and I must admit I continued to use some oils repeatedly for some time after (5 weeks!) and I did develop a skin sensitivity to two oils (red skin rash)! I just hadn’t given the intensity and length of time I’d been using it a second thought (and time flew by!) so in hindsight would have changed them or diluted them down at least. Lesson learnt! This sort of thing always reminds me of the power of oils and how just because something is natural doesn’t mean it is safe or that it is suitable for everyone all of the time!
      Good luck with your surgery Dena and I’m sure you will find what works for you 🙂
      Love & Light,
      Kirsten xxx

  5. Debi Wilburn

    You are an inspiration. I tale doterra eos and am having a total knee replacement in 3 weeks. Your input would be greatly appreciated. Also did you say anything to the docs? I find most of them are oblivious as to how well eos perform.

    • The Aromatree Company

      Hi Debi, thank you. No, I don’t think I mentioned my use of essential oils to the Drs, although I did say at various points I wouldn’t be taking ongoing pharmaceutical pain relief. As it was only day surgery and I did take a few tablets just prior to the op and a couple after, they had no reason to question me about it. I like to take control of my own health and ask for other help as and when needed. However, I do feel there are a number of Drs and nurses that are much more open minded now when it comes to natural and complementary medicine. We must remember that Drs are trained to find out what is wrong with us and what medication can help and are not necessarily educated to know about the benefits of specific natural remedies or oils etc, therefore not able to advise in that area. We need to take responsibility for our own health these days and make our own informed decisions.
      It’s lovely you are using essential oils. Great to build yourself up before hand and to help with any pain/inflammation etc. after. Just be careful and respectful of the oils if using intensively.
      Good luck, I’m sure you will sail through your operation :o)

      Love and light,

      Kirsten xx

  6. Jennifer Garrison

    Would love to know where you got the
    immune boost foot cream & other foot cream.
    My sister just had knee replacement surgery and I’m a oil junkie as well. So I’m looking for natural ways to relieve her pain. Thank you

  7. Christine

    When you apply the helichrysum and frankincense do you use a carrier oil? I will be having a 10 inch incision across my abdomen. How long post op do you wait to apply oils to your incision.

    • The Aromatree Company

      Hi Christine,
      I applied the oils to the wound as soon as I was able to, when I first changed the dressing. I also applied them around the area too. I used doTERRA essential oils who do advocate that these oils can be used neat on the skin, which I did, however I would use sparingly at first and then use diluted in an oil to avoid any reactions especially if used over a period of time.
      I hope this helps and good luck with your operation!
      Love and light
      Kirsten xxx

  8. Jacqui

    This was an awesome blog! Thank you. I had a laparoscopy, tubes cut, d&c and an ablation 15hrs ago. As soon as I was lucid enough about 8hrs after surgery, I had my oils out. I wasn’t sure which ones exactly to use or where to apply, so your experience has been very helpful 😊

  9. Pollyanna Infante

    I used Essential Oil for my back surgery with great success. After a terrible expert in the hospital with drugs, I never took another and only used oils and medical marijuana. I just mixed up s bottle of the same mixture for some surgery tomorrow and I will put it into the capsules ahead of time.. Already made up.

    • The Aromatree Company

      Hi Pollyanna, great to hear you had success with using your oils before.
      Good luck with your surgery again and hope they help again. Take care,
      Love and light
      Kirsten xxx

  10. Teena Smith

    I am preparing for a surgical procedure. This was very helpful. Are there “oils to avoid” that acts as a blood thinner? i also use Doterra

    • The Aromatree Company

      Hi Teena, I’m glad you found this helpful. If you have any particular issues such as Haemophilia, being on blood thinners-warfarin/coumadin, prone to bloody noses [and going to have surgery] then you are more prone to risks. There is advice to not use essential oils for two weeks before surgery and ingestion is not recommended. Topical use is considered safe, however use with caution if you feel at risk at all. Not everyone will need to be overly concerned about knowing this information, but for some, the risks can obviously be fatal. Teena if you have any concerns, the oils with the highest risk of thinning blood are – Birch, Garlic, Oregano, Tarragon and Wintergreen. If you are still concerned, avoid any anti-coagulant oils for two weeks before and after surgery.
      I hope your surgery goes well and you recover quickly.
      Love & light, Kirsten xxx


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