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The Journey: Feeling Stuck or a bit Lost?

The Journey

The Journey

Feeling like you get in the way of your own greatness? Feeling stuck or a bit lost? Have you heard of The Journey? This is an extraordinary guided introspection that helps you to unlock the barriers to your greatness.

Having been around the mind, body, spirit field for many years, I have had an awareness of The Journey work by Brandon Bays but not looked into it in any real depth. Fairly recently I have been working with Nicky Williams, an amazing and gifted Journey Practitioner (accredited by Brandon Bays) and Angel Therapy Practitioner (accredited by Doreen Virtue). She has worked with me on a personal level but we have also joined forces to provide ‘Spiritual Spa Days’ for couples or individuals wanting a full mind-body experience, to integrate positive change into their lives, providing a day of relaxation and exploring and helping to clear the blocks that get in the way of shining their light on the world. The day includes meditation, writing exercises, small processes and a full designer journey process followed by an hour and half aromatherapy session.

I have invited Nicky here to explain more of this fascinating and transformational process……

Nicky Williams

Nicky Williams

Hi, I’m Nicky and I first came across the book “The Journey‘ by Brandon Bays. Brandon had been diagnosed with a basket ball size tumour which she found a way to cure by using the journey process. I was hooked. Attending a Journey Intensive weekend with Brandon confirmed that I had found something astounding and magical. Having had a very difficult and hard relationship with my mother I was astounded when through experiencing processes I was finally able to forgive and understand my mother and this set me free and actually found myself saying that I loved her while also recognising that she had been my greatest teacher. I became a practitioner in 2004.

A Journey Process is a guided introspection which helps you to access past hurts and heal them. A session takes between on average 1-2 hours.   The practitioner guides you back to a time when there was some kind of emotional shutdown, for example, if there was for instance, a time when you were humiliated at school in front of your school friends and somehow you made a decision to shutdown and not try anymore. Beliefs are things that are formed from a young age. These colour our perception of life and ourselves. In a journey process we look at what emotion is really grabbing you and then through various techniques find where this emotion first appeared in your life.

Early in my training I had a case study who came to me riddled with rheumatoid arthritis (she was only 32). It was so chronic that she could barely move. We went into process and she accessed a time when she was 12 years old and was scared and angry at her Mum, for being ill and bad tempered. Through the process she was able to return to being 12 and actually give herself the opportunity to release the anger that was stored there (over the years of performing journeys with clients I have come to understand that arthritis is almost always started by repressed anger). Using various techniques we were able to help her to forgive her mother, change the memory into a positive one and change her body chemistry too. Within a week of doing the process most of her pain had gone and by the end of the month she had been taken off of her drugs by her doctor and was pain free!

I often integrate Angel Card Readings within the sessions when appropriate. One to one Angel Card Readings are a joy –  it is magical to connect with others angels and guidance and to relay these messages to their owners.  So many wonderful things have manifested after these readings.   I do these via Skype, from my home in Walton on Thames or by phone and have even successfully done them using Facebook Chat with a lady in Spain!  I also now run Angel Tea Parties for groups of 4-6 people.  Providing cake, tea pots et all and do individual readings for each guest!

Angel Tea Party

Angel Tea Party

If you are interested in experiencing a Journey, or would like to know more, I would highly recommend reading The Journey book by Brandon Bays, and I am always happy to answer any questions. If you would like an Angel Card Reading or more information on the Spiritual Spa Days, please contact me. If you would like to know more then please do take a look at my website , call me on 07754735948 or connect with me on I have experienced the journey working on so many ailments, physical and emotional and I can truly say that I love and believe in what I do.   Nicky x

….I can highly recommend Nicky’s sessions and know that everyone can benefit from this work. If it calls to you, do contact her or research this more for yourself.

Love and light,

Kirsten xx


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