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Astrological Energy Insights ~ 21st June ~ 22nd July

Astrological Insights

Astrological Insights

Beverly’s Insights ~

Sun in Cancer

From 21st June ~ 22nd July,  we have sun in Cancer.

The Suns energy is the dominant energy force we experience on a daily basis.

Cancerian energy is water energy, so sensitive and intuitive and all about depth of feeling and emotion.

In general our sensitivity and emotions are heightened at this time and our intuitive nature is very strong.

There are issues around nurturing and being Motherly and a general need to care for others in a deep and meaningful way.

There will be depth and feeling of emotion, however this will be internalised more than in general. There is a need to not reveal ones feelings too much to others.

This can lead to feelings of anxiety and perhaps an inner stress generally felt in the area of the stomach.

Being at home and spending time alone are general themes with Sun in Cancer and this introverted energy is needed at this time.

Family and being around those who make up the family unit, however this is created within one’s life, is a key feature around this time and there may also be an interest in discovering family history too.

Cancerian energy is dynamic and although feeling is internalised it is action orientated and will enable us to problem solve and make changes that are needed for self animation.

So, key themes to look for at this time, are being  very sensitive, internalised emotions and a sense of stress created by holding our feelings in….. Kirsten, can you suggest any essential oils and creams that could help with these situations?

Kirsten’s Insights ~

Thank you Beverly. It seems the Release Foot Cream with its essential oils of Kunzea, Fragonia, Eucalyptus and Frankincense would be extremely beneficial for this period. Being a tonic for the mind and emotions, it gently helps to support, balance and unblock the emotions, bringing peace and calm within, allowing you to move on in life. It may help to shift feelings and emotions and bring things to the surface. Massage the Release Foot Cream into the feet and hands, morning and night and inhale its aroma.

Find the Release Foot Cream in our store HERE

An essential oil which would be helpful too, is Lavender (Lavandula angustifolia). Known as the oil of Communication. Lavender aids verbal expression and can help address a deep fear of being seen and heard.

Those in need of Lavender hide within, blocking all forms of true self expression, holding back their innermost thoughts and feelings. Their expression is not connected to the heart or soul.

It supports individuals in releasing the tension and constriction that stems from fear of expressing one’s Self. Due to past experiences they may believe it is not safe to express themselves and it may be accompanied by feelings of feeling unloveable, unimportant, or unheard. Their fear of rejection paralyses their true voice and traps their feelings inside.

Lavender encourages emotional honesty and insists that one speaks their innermost thoughts and desires as it is only through open and honest communication that an individual experiences unconditional love and acceptance.

Apply doTERRA Lavender Essential Oil neat to the soles of the feet so it can work systemically within the body quickly. It is also great to calm and de-stress aromatically in the room, from an ultrasonic atomiser/diffuser preferably, which does not heat the oil up.

Although Lavender is commonly seen as a very relaxing oil and good for sleep, it is also an excellent oil to use in the day to help de-stress as it has been shown in studies to reduce cortisol levels (the stress hormone) in the body by 30%!!!

Find the Lavender Essential Oil at our store HERE, or contact me to see how you can get 25% off!

We hope you find this information useful and supportive. Please do LIKE, SHARE or COMMENT on any of the above and let us know how this month goes for you!

If you resonate with what Beverly has to say and would like a personalised detailed chart analysis for yourself or as a present, please contact Beverly through her facebook page HERE 

Love and Light

Kirsten and Beverly xxx

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