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Astrological Energy Insights ~ 20th April – 21st May

Astrological Insights

Astrological Insights


Beverly’s Insights ~

Sun in Taurus.

From April 20th until May 21st we have the Sun in Taurus.

The Suns energy is the dominant energy force we experience on a daily basis.

So Taurus is Earth energy, so it is practical and grounded, and has an interest in the material realms of life, possessions and material security.

This energy is ultra feminine and tends to hold on to feelings and internalise rather than project. There is a gentleness but enormous strength during this time, and its a time when once you have made a decision it will not be easy to change your mind.

Venus the ruling planet of Taurus encourages us to be gentle and romantic and think about how we care for others. So this is a good time to look at your personal relationships and see if you are caring and sharing enough, also look at how you are valuing yourself and are you giving yourself enough self worth?

This is a practical time and is positively the best time to lay strong foundations in any projects. Its also a great time to have a reality check and be earthed and practical as to where you are and where you want to be.

Taurus rules the area of the throat, ears and nose so these areas may be more sensitive during this time .

Any thoughts on what can help us at this time Kirsten?

Kirsten’s Insights ~

Thank you Beverly and at this powerful time of great change and letting go of what we no longer need in our lives, one of the creams which I feel would be most beneficial at this time would be the Release Foot Cream. A cream containing a blend of essential oils of Kunzea, Fragonia, Eucalyptus and Frankincense. This is a great tonic for the mind and emotions and can gently support you through this period, helping to unblock emotions and bring peace and calm within, allowing you to move on in life as you realign with your values and priorities and as you build on strengthening your self-love and self-worth.  Find Release Foot Cream in our store here.

Another important aspect of this months energy can be supported by the Relax Foot Cream. A cream containing a blend of essential oils of Lemon, Lavender, Ylang Ylang, Roman Chamomile and Vetiver. The Vetiver base is very grounding with Vetiver being a root and Taurus is all about nature and earth energy. The feminine aspect of Ylang Ylang within this blend is perfect for now too, as it has Venus as it’s ruling planet, just like Taurus and has a receptive nature. It also embodies the Taurean love of luxury and earthy delights. Find Relax Foot Cream in our store here.

As the throat, ears and nose area can be more sensitive at this time why not create a supportive environment by diffusing some essential oils in your home or office. Remember it’s always best to use the ultrasonic atomisers rather than those which heat the oils up with a flame, so as the chemical properties of the oils are not changed or destroyed. Why not try this beautiful, uplifting  blend of doTERRA essential oils called ‘Elevation’ which also contains Ylang Ylang and can soothe the heart and balance the emotions too. It can help raise one’s energy levels and energetic vibrations into higher states.  See here.

Please do LIKE, SHARE or COMMENT on any of the above and let us know how this month goes for you!

If you resonate with what Beverly has to say and would like a personalised detailed chart analysis for yourself or as a present, please contact Beverly through her facebook page HERE

Love and Light

Kirsten and Beverly xxx



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