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Inspirational Astrology!

Inspirational Astrology with Beverly Beard

We are really proud to announce Beverly Beard as one of our regular blog contributors here at The Aromatree Company.

Beverly is an Astrologer with a wealth of knowledge and insight and will be giving us a dose of inspiration each month about the relevant star signs and inspiration on important planetary movements, moon cycles and changes and how they will be affecting us day to day. Beverly will give her personal view on what is happening around us on a spiritual level from her astrological perspective.

“I have been studying Astrology since my childhood and had seven years of professional lesson before beginning personal chart analysis. I have always been amazed at the accuracy of Astrology as a science and have had wonderful feedback from my clients.
I have attended numerous Astrological workshops and continue to read new Astrological literature constantly. Astrology is my passion and has throughout my life given me a clarity and understanding about myself and the situations occurring around me that no other science or Ideology has ever been able to.” ~ Beverly Beard

If you like what Beverly has to say and would like a personal detailed chart analysis yourself, please contact her on her Facebook Page –

I will also be looking at which essential oils and other supportive elements relating to what is current each month, that can help us through what can sometimes feel quite a challenging time.

Welcome Beverly! So pleased to be collaborating with you here.


Love and light


Kirsten xx

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