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Amidst Chaos ~ RELAX!

Relax Foot Cream

“Find peace in the midst of chaos and love in the midst of fear.”
The Christmas shopping is done, the presents are wrapped, the xmas cards are delivered, the food shopping is done….and r..e..l..a..x… Well, for a moment, as life doesn’t often allow us the privilege of wallowing in peace and tranquillity for too long now!
But isn’t making the most of life about being present, amongst all the chaos and noise, whilst still maintaining an inner calm and peace.
Not always an easy scenario to achieve!
By honouring yourself and giving yourself the space to breathe and relax you will create a ripple effect around you too. You will emanate a calm and confident energy which others will either consciously or unconsciously pick up on.
Slow down, be present, be grounded, be peaceful.
Haven’t we all been guilty of saying “when this problem is resolved, I’ll be ok/calmer/happier”. Life will always have moments of complete chaos and all we can do, is do our best at that time and accept where we are. Take a step back from the situation and try seeing things from a different perspective – from the outside, looking in. We get so caught up in the smaller details of our lives and forget the bigger picture.
So, this Christmas, if the turkey is dry, your vegetables are soggy, you forget to buy a present or wine gets spilt on your new carpet – these things will eventually be remembered (if at all!) with a smile for the captured memories and possibly become an insignificant event in your life and may have caused unnecessary angst at the time – what a waste of energy, so why stress now! Focus on things that really matter to you in life.
“People will forget what you said….. People will forget what you did….. But people will never forget how you made them Feel.”
Try our Relax Foot cream which is perfect to give you that time out – or to massage in before bedtime for a good nights sleep. Containing aromatherapy essential oils of Lemon, Lavender, Ylang Ylang, Roman Chamomile and Vetiver, it can help ease worry, nervous tension, sleep problems and is deeply relaxing and grounding. This rich nourishing foot cream can help to calm, comfort and soothe, restoring balance and harmony within.
Relax Foot Cream can also be used as a nourishing hand cream too, or on the body. Be sure to take in the gorgeous aroma to quickly affect the senses and calm the mind and body.
To buy now, click HERE
Wishing you a calm and stress free festive time!
Love and light
Kirsten x
and The Aromatree Company team

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