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Is your Immune System prepared for a cold Winter?

Immune Boost Foot Cream

Are you someone who gets every COLD, BUG and SNIFFLE that’s around?
One way of helping to protect yourself and remain on top form this WINTER is regularly using our IMMUNE BOOST Foot Cream. It contains a blend of essential oils that help to stimulate and support your immune system, including RAVANSARA(a fantastic anti-viral), FRAGONIA, EUCALYPTUS, Lemon scented TEA TREE and VETIVER. A powerful combination to use as soon as you start to feel something coming on and best of all – preventatively, to blitz those bugs before they get a look in! Apply to your chest and neck area too and INHALE its aroma from your hands.
Especially use this when STRESS and overwork are depleting the body’s natural defences. A great stress reliever when you still have to get on with your jobs and don’t need something too relaxing and soporific!
Don’t forget to have regular REFLEXOLOGY treatments to keep your immunity in tip top shape too! Remember its the holistic approach that works best – eat nutritionally supportive meals, take time out, exercise and get adequate sleep.
Every little helps 😉
Click here to buy now!
Love and light
Kirsten xx
and the Aromatree Company team.

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